Cause and Effect, Face to Face

This work is a three channel video installation. The space between Toronto Islands and Toronto city is a focal point from which two critical phenomena can be seen. On the one side, the financial district of Toronto with dense texture of skyscrapers which is a symbol of unsustainable development and human’s desire for urban, construction and financial development. On the other side, there is a less urbanized more natural area which has been affected by environmental issues in a very visual way. It has started to disappear!

The spectator would stand within an in-between space of the two videos. While she experiences a journey from the island to the city, she stands between two phenomena facing each other.

Two documents facing each other. One as a resource of the problem – the city – impacts the other one.  The space between these two allows the spectator to contemplate on her path. The closer she comes to urban or financial development, financialization and in one word, capitalism! The farther she gets from the natural environment and finds it disappearing.

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