Hi, I'm Marzieh 

I'm a Marketing and Communications Specialist with over two years of experience in organic and paid social media marketing. I am passionate for raising awareness and building meaningful relationships with non-profit organizations' communities and with business clients.


Recent Social Media Campaign Insights 


By managing Images Festival's Instagram page I was able to reach +700% more people and engage near 300% more accounts within 3 months. It had 330% more profile visits and 150% more website taps. Please see the details below:


By managing DocNow Festival's Instagram page I was able to boost post engagement by 5979% and reach 25,846% more people within 3 months. It had 616% more profile visits and 1866% more website taps.  

Organic Social Media

I gained 22% more followers as a result of proactive engagement with people following similar art festival pages. Reactive and proactive social media engagement and reputation management on all social media platforms.  

Content planning for 5 days a week/1 post per day for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Paid Social Media

Successfully launched and analyzed 36 paid campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Created multiple target audiences to meet each campaign's needs. 

Facebook at Meta

By managing their Facebook page, it could gain 457% more engagement and get 1047% more impressions. Its brand awareness grew by 666%. 


Scheduling on Later

I schedule posts and preview them on Later App 

I use Later to schedule my posts, as I can preview the Instagram feed on Later.  

 The example posts I created for Harbourfront Centre's IG page. 


Instagram Feed Example

Bellow you can see an example of feed and posts I designed for Harbourfront Centre's Instagram page. All photos and videos are captured by me. 

Video Examples

Instagram has recently announced that it is mainly a video platform, so the majority of the posts should be videos. Now, Instagram algorithms prioritize video posts as they are more engaging. 


Facebook Post Examples



Being Multidisciplinary is my asset.

I have studied and practiced as a Social Media Specialist, Photographer, Film Maker, Professor, Architectural Designer, Documentarian, Writer, and Researcher. I love being multidisciplinary. It encourages me to try new things and enjoy thinking outside the box, which is the key to creativity. It enables me to communicate with team members and audiences from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds. 



Shoot me an email at marzie.mohamadmiri1@ gmail.com or fill in this contact sheet to chat more! 

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